Herzogenberg “Lesser God” certainly deserves a listen
Brilliant Classics presents variations and minor works on two CDs, giving us a pleasant surprise.

duo nadan

Especially thanks to the Duo Nadàn, composed by the sisters Nadia and Angela Tirino, on the piano. The Italian “variation” on the famous duet of the Jussen brothers manifests itself with such a synchrony that it becomes almost unreal.
Romanticism merges completely with these two ladies, endowed with an incredible intuition between color, phrasing and synchrony. It is clear: German romanticism reveals itself perfectly, between the virtuous hands of these two musicians, giving us a pleasant extension of the repertoire. Truly extraordinary.
For example, the Variations of Brahms, opera 23. It is surprising that the piece bears the same work number as Schumann’s much more famous variations by the master Brahms.

The following is completely different, which the Tirino sisters interpret: the twelve parts from Allotria (Curiosity) opera 33. From a more technical point of view, these are sparkling, carefree and deeply personal chamber music, capable of transmitting a sense of immediate conviviality.
A notable element of this double album are the interesting arrangements of sixteen Lithuanian folk songs (Dainu Balsai opera 76). Variegated and suggestive. Sometimes even intimate.

To clarify

The only piece that Heinrich von Herzogenberg ever wrote for two pianos opens this wonderful recital and, thanks to the heterogeneity of the instruments, conveys a clearer idea of ​​the distribution of the voices and the relationship between the two parts.
Theme and variations at Opera 13 translate at times into something symphonic, which recalls from time to time a Balkan atmosphere, just as is customary in the works of Brahms, idol of this composer.

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Duo Nadàn


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