Von Herzogenberg – Complete Music for Piano Duets & 2 Pianos

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HERZOGENBERG in the double cd of the Duo Nadàn

His name was Leopold Heinrich Picot de Peccaduc, baron of Herzogenberg, a very redundant name, but an authentic talent for composition. Even Brahms was convinced of this, even though he was not benevolent with his colleagues.
Instead, with Herzogenberg he had even made a deep friendship: perhaps thanks to his wife, Elisabeth, already a pupil of the gruff Brahms.
Herzogenberg (1843-1900) had studied philosophy, law and music in Vienna.
He taught composition for a long time in Berlin and, in that era that saw the rise of musicological disciplines through the recovery of ancient authors, he helped to establish the cult of Bach in Germany.
Now the Duo Nadàn, the sisters Nadia and Angela Tirino, teachers at the Accademia Musicale in Florence and in the public schools of the province, in a double CD brings to light the full-length piano for four hands and for two pianos (Brilliant Classics label ). They look like works by a twin from Brahms, such is the symphonic thickness, the artisan conscientiousness of a writing that always becomes architecture, the disposition now to the grandiose now to the bagatella (never ephemeral, however), the full-bodied, often burnished tone. Like the model, Herzogenberg loves to build series of variations elaborated by the theme with tenacious logic. Brahmsiano is also interested in Slavic folk, while the collection of Lithuanian folk songs “Dainu Balsai” is singular. High-class execution, on princely Fazioli instruments, that of the Tirino, which balances emotional subtleties and a vigorous sense of form.

by Gregorio Moppi – La Repubblica – MONDAY 8 JUNE 2020 – HEADING THE COUNTERPOINT

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